Election Results

April 9, 2013 Coastside Fire Protection District Special Recall Election



View results in one of these report formats.


  1. Results on PDF


    The simplest report if you want to print a copy each interim report.

    View onscreen or print it on paper.

    (Adobe Reader is required for viewing PDFs; you may download it for free.)

  2. Web-Based Results


    An easy-to-scroll-through HTML report.

    This report is best viewed online with the latest version of Internet Explorer.

  3. Precinct Tracker

    The Precinct Tracker lets you know the status of each precinct in the county - are ballots at the polls, a receiving station, elections headquarters at Tower Road, or already in the count? It's our way to provide you with greater transparency and access to the election as it is happening.

  4. Precinct Report

    Preliminary report available after Semi Final results posted at the end of the evening on Election Night.
  5. Statement of the Vote (SOV)

    The Statement of Vote will be publish at the time of the certification of the election, within 28 days of election day. It is a listing of all election contests by total, by precinct, by cities, by districts, including write-in votes.